Compulocks MacBoo Lockable Case Bundle With T-Bar Cable Lock and MacBook Pro 15" Security Case / Cover Clear

System security kit - for Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display (15.4 in)

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Fabrikant Compulocks
Artikelnummer MBPR15BUN
FlexIt SKU 2221554N1
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    The MacBook Pro Retina Locking Security Case is a protective shell that has an integrated locking slot to use with a security cable lock.

    A perfect companion for your MacBook Pro Retina the case bundle is an excellent choice for school, home or business use.

    The protective case fastens to the lower part of the MacBook with tamper proof screws for ultimate security, a hardware kit is provided to replace the existing screws, and the upper cover is clipped on to complete the safety shell.

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