HP Master Keyed - Security cable lock

1.83 m - for ZBook 15 G5, 15 G6, 15u G6, 17 G5, 17 G6, Studio G3, Studio G4, Studio G5, Studio x360 G5

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Fabrikant HP
Artikelnummer T1A63AA-D1
FlexIt SKU 2212509D1
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    • Secure your notebook
    • Loop and lock
    • Room to move

    Help keep your notebook safe in the office and high-traffic areas by tethering it to a secure surface with the HP Master Keyed Cable Lock 10 mm, designed specifically for ultra-thin profile notebooks.

    Wrap the 6 ft (1.83 m) vinyl-coated, galvanized steel cable around any secure object and attach to your notebook. Insert the master key into the lock and turn clockwise 90 degrees for a great IT manager solution.

    The cable head swivels 360 degrees to help you position the cable as needed before you lock.

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